Acupuncture is based on principles first established around 2,000 years ago in East Asia.  Over the past 300 hundred years the practice of acupuncture has evolved in step with biomedical theory.  

Traditionally acupuncture points were considered a nexus of energy on channels that run over and into the human body.  Today, scientists are discovering that the channels are intricately intertwined with fascia - a connective tissue that wraps through the body and generates electricity under pressure.  Acupuncture has been shown to shift the nervous system into a "rest and recover" state.  From here a range of imbalances can be righted: muscle pain, digestive difficulty, insomnia, conception challenges, and others.  

Our clinic is based on the “community acupuncture” model. We treat several people at the same time in an open space. This allows us to see patients in fifteen minute intervals and keep prices significantly lower than would be possible in a private practice without compromising treatment quality.  

In order to maintain a smooth pace between appointments and keep prices affordable, we have a firm late policy. Appointments will be cancelled after a ten minute grace period, and a $20 fee will be applied to cover the practitioner’s time. In cases of emergency, fees may be waived. The clinic is a community endeavor that relies on patients, practitioners, and staff collaboration to maintain its success a neighborhood resource.  


Follow Up Appointment

Follow up appointments run about an hour and fifteen minutes long. For the first ten to fifteen minutes of your appointment the practitioner will hear about your experience since your last treatment, ask questions, and adjust your treatment plan. You’ll then be treated either lying or sitting down for 20 - 60 minutes depending on your needs. The sliding scale fee for follow up appointments starts at $30 and is based on self reported income.

Initial Appointment

Initial appointments run about an hour and a half long. Please arrive ten to fifteen minutes early to fill out paperwork, or complete our digital intake before you arrive. For the first fifteen to twenty minutes of your appointment the practitioner will listen to your story, ask questions, and build a treatment plan. You’ll then be treated either lying or sitting down for 20 - 60 minutes depending on your needs. Initial appointments are $45 - $75 (according to our self reported income based sliding scale).

Pediatric (Needle - Free)

Pediatric acupuncture is appropriate for children of all ages. Treatments don’t require the acupuncture needles, and instead use a variety of brushes and tools to redirect energy into a healthy pattern.  Just as with adults, there’s a wide range of uses for Chinese Medicine in pediatrics. It can be used monthly just to stay in good health, or can be employed for allergies, asthma, upset tummies, and ear aches.  Answers to common questions can be found on our blog. Treatments for children under ten are $40.00 for 20 minutes sessions.