Coaching is a powerful resource that we are proud to offer the community. It is the catalyst that breaks us out of a personal plateau and opens up the way to achieving greater meaning and effectiveness in life, work and relationships.  Our resident coach, Lev Natan, brings to Brooklyn Acupuncture Project his signature coaching system - harnessing the power of sound to stimulate highly creative states of consciousness and take client’s potential to the next level. Lev's unique approach to life, work and leadership will help you define your mission and vision, elevate vital relationships, develop high-quality products and services, and market your brand in a way that feels natural, authentic, and from the heart.  Using sound and coaching together is exceptionally effective in clarifying intentions, eliminating extra stress, and building the courage to take the necessary actions for positive change - creating immediate and sustainable fulfillment in all aspects of your life.

These services are designed to deliver the support and tools to 1.) develop a clear vision of what is most important to you - your goals and priorities; 2.) design an attainable plan with steps for follow through; 3.) And find the power to transcend limiting beliefs while connecting with your courage to stay committed to purposeful action.


Private Coaching

In each session, we start with a centering practice to get connected to your authentic and empowered self and set goals for the session.  From there we enter a dynamic dialogue to bring forth the clarity, focus, and perspective to empower you to take the next steps.  Coaching works best when it becomes a consistent part of your life.  Clients get the best results when they commit to coaching sessions on a regular basis - usually once a week or twice-a-month. Forty minute private sessions are available on a sliding scale from $50 - $80.

Group Coaching

In this intimate coaching circle, you will receive the tools, support, and accountability to envision & create the life & work that is most precious to you. Give yourself permission to listen to the calling in your heart and follow through.  Workshop Topics include: Commitment; Leadership: Being Your Best Self; Vision; Why You Care; Communicating Your Message Authentically; How to Follow Through on Your Vision: Goals; and Timelines & Action Plans. Group sessions are $37.00 per person. 



Lev Natan has worked extensively with entrepreneurs, healing practitioners, and social impact business owners who are looking to create more effective and lucrative ways of bringing their mission to life. He is an advocate and trusted advisor for whole-hearted leadership in business and is committed to guide our world towards a future that is wise, courageous, and aligned with principles and values that are humane and hold life and nature as sacred. You can learn more about his work at