In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is said the key to health lies in our understanding of food.  At Brooklyn Acupuncture Project we believe that nutrition is fundamental to a balanced life. So often we have seen cases that are unchanged by drugs and medical interventions but finally resolve when we focus on the basics of eating. It may sound like a simple solution, but the truth is we each have unique relationships to food that are complex, culturally rooted, and emotional.  The art of nutritional counseling is  in systematically peeling back the layers to discover the root of an issue, because healing does not occur with a bandaid approach.


Follow Up Appointment

Follow up appointments are 50 minutes and can be done in person or virtually. Most people require between 2-9 follow up appointments, depending on their specific goals. In these meetings you will get a personalized diet plan, supplement recommendations, and an analysis of comprehensive blood work.  Over the course of these sessions you will address your nutritional goals in phases, ensuring you have a solid foundation for sustainable change. Follow up appointments are $85.00 for a 60 minute session.

Initial Consult

Nancy works with clients to sync each client’s body’s needs with a diet and a lifestyle they truly want.  This requires pulling together the pieces, step-by-baby-step to push the reset button on their diet without cramming it into a one-size-fits-all formula.  In this initial 90 minute appointment Nancy sets the foundation for this process. Together you will discuss current healthcare challenges and hurdles; and set out the steps achieve target priorities. Initial consults are $150.00 for a 90 minute appointment.

Culinary Nutritionist Masters of Science of Nutrition and Integrated Health 

Culinary Nutritionist

Masters of Science of Nutrition and Integrated Health 

Nancy Campbell combines her training in nutrition and integrative health, a Masters of Urban Planning and over a decade of professional culinary experience in her integrative nutrition practice.  As a culinary nutritionist, she supports her clients to redefine how they eat and their relationship to food.  She also guides them to build culinary skills, and fine-tune their pantries so they can feel amazing in their skin AND in the kitchen.

Having made her own dietary transition over the course of the last nine years, she knows what it's like to not have the time or patience to spend hours in the kitchen AND still want amazing food every night.  So, with a low budget, simple recipes, and a vegetarian tendency, she took her years of prepping in professional kitchens into her own home.  The result has led her to support others to discover and refine their empowerment in the kitchen, in their bodies and in their lives.

Nancy received her Masters of Science of Nutrition and Integrated Health at the Maryland University of Integrative Health and her Masters of City and Regional Planning from Pratt Institute.  She was also an early patient of the Brooklyn Acupuncture Project, and remains a loyal one today.  The clinic has been a fundamental component of her implementing the integrative approach to wellness she preaches. You can learn more about Nancy and the scope of her nutrition practice at