There's no two bits about it, Reiki is gaining some major-momentous-universe-force right now. Reiki may have been something you associate with your hippie neighbor, but there's a reason why more hospitals, nursing homes, day care centers, health care communities and all kinds of celebrities are turning towards this healing modality. Even our Q.U.E.E.N. Eryka Badu does it.

What is Reiki?

In a session, you can expect to lay on a massage table with your clothes on in a serene environment. The reiki practitioner uses gentle, non-intrusive, touch over certain areas of your body. Your breath deeply, close your eyes and basically chill. You may feel effervescent. You may feel like you’re taking a bath. Some people feel a warm gentle pulse. Some people have deep, almost psychedelic, meditations. Some take a nap.

Where did it come from?  

Reiki was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist monk. He discovered Reiki while meditating on top of Mt. Kurama. He said he felt a waterfall of energy trickling through the top of his head.

He called this Reiki Ryoho and soon started practicing on friends, family then opened the first Reiki clinic in 1922.

What the f* is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word that literally means light (rei) energy (ki).

What the f* is energy?

Science tells us that electric currents flow through the body, it’s one of the ways the body stays healthy. And we know that whenever a current of energy runs through a conductor (ie. our bodies) a magnetic field surrounds it. The magnetic field that surrounds our bodies is called a biomagnetic field. Also called a halo, chakra, aura* or energy. Woo!

*The aura is technically called the aggregate biomagnetic field but who’s counting?

Each organ has its own healthy biomagnetic field (aka energy). When that organ gets sick, it's energy pulses to a sick frequency. If these sick frequencies go untreated, they can coax other healthy magnetic fields in the body towards sickness. Sort of creating a cloud of sick frequency around us. :(

Luckily, our bodies are sensitive to magnetic fields that surround us and our sick internal frequencies can be encouraged by healthier (or “lighter”) external currents.

But how?

The healing energy (biomagnetic frequency) coming from a reiki practitioner’s hands is much stronger than the frequency coming from a sick organ. This energy radiates from the practitioner’s hands, coaxing the ill frequency back to health. This new healthy frequency continues to spread throughout the body well after a treatment is over, coaxing other frequencies towards health. Eventually spreading to the whole body system* often giving a feeling of a deep rest, gentle pulse, euphoria or limitless possibilities.

*Including the aggregate biomagnetic field. ;)

If this is too confusing, just remind yourself it’s all physics and there are endless positive possibilities.


Reiki helps the body pulse to its healthiest beat. It assists your immune system. It helps you sleep. It helps your sex life. Your PMS. Your boss. Your relationship with money. Your well being. It can make a person go from this:


To this:


This is why hospitals, nursing homes and your free spirited friends are practicing it. They just want to spread those healthy vibes!

If you want more reading about the science of reiki check this out.

If you’re really really curious, I suggest booking a session and get vibing yourself.

Diana Stahl

Diana Stahl is a Reiki Healer and playwright. She was a Finalist for the National Playwrights Conference, an honorable mention on The Kilroy’s List, a Sewanee Fellow and her psoriasis article on had nearly 800 shares. Her mother introduced her to Reiki over 12 years ago and she's been practicing ever since. She practices at BAP every Thursday and privately other days. for more.