We love supporting our patients in their path toward parenthood. From conception to postpartum, we’ve seen so many uniquely beautiful stories unfold. We feel inspired to create a special place for this at BAP, so in the coming months we’ll be offering up some new programs to the community. We’re starting with a short-format childbirth education class taught by the lovely Morgane V. Richardson of the NYC Doula Collective. Then in the early spring we’re going to be offering a small-group pregnancy acupuncture series with.

Acu-Circle and Support for Third Trimester Pregnancy

Acupuncturist Christopher Peacock is offering specialized group sessions to support our pregnant friends through the third trimester.

Christopher Peacock specializes in working with hormonal change and balance. As part of the normal work week, Christopher supports many pregnant folks to help them relieve common complaints such as back pain, indigestion, swelling, exhaustion, and the like. 

However, Christopher realizes that there's something special that happens when we come together with those who are going through similar experiences; this is especially true during pregnancy. 

His small-group acupuncture circle for pregnancy will gather weekly for five sessions. During those session, the group will set intentions for their final stage of pregnancy. Based on both individual and group goals, Christopher will design acupuncture treatments to smooth the third trimester of pregnancy.

Childbirth Education with Morgane V. RIchardson

Morgane Richardson is offering a 3-hour Childbirth Education refresher course at Brooklyn Acupuncture Project. In the Spring followed by full length courses in the summer. 

The spring refresher course is the perfect solution for those looking for evidence-based information with the core elements needed to birth confidently.  

This is ideal as a refresher for those who have already given birth and/or have extensive knowledge of birth as a support person.

Alternatively, this class can be taken if you are in a time crunch and need a quick childbirth education session.