Dear BAP community. 

We hope you are feeling good in these days leading up to the winter solstice.

We are now in the deepest, darkest, most still, and receptive time in the wheel of the year as the Yin energy is full. On the winter solstice (DEC 21) the tiniest spark of Yang Qi appears in the darkness to lift us up into lighter times. This miracle of the return of the light is what all of our winter holiday festivals are based on.  Listen into the magic of this time, the stillness underneath all the noise, and the emptiness.  We move from fullness to emptiness with every breath and within the breath of a whole year, we are at the end of the exhale now.  Letting go of all we do not need for this next cycle of growth; resting and trusting in the surrender. 

It will be a while until we can actually see the new growth but in this winter season, the deepest most fundamental healing can take place.  Winter belongs to the WATER element in Chinese Medicine.  Water in the human being is represented in the Bladder and the Kidney organ systems which encompass the endocrine and nervous system including the pituitary gland, reproductive organs, and the mind. Water is also associated with the marrow of the bones, our ancestry, and our deepest wisdom. 

Through this Water season, we continue our steady flow of support to the water protectors at Standing Rock.  Their will and unshakable determination to protect the Earth and Water is for us all and for many generations to come. 

We will be open through the holidays and offering several ACUPUNCTURE SOUND BATH healing sessions designed to fan the flicker of Yang Qi as we pass though the darkest time. Sound Therapist and author Lev Natan will be giving a talk about the direct connection between personal and planetary healing and guiding a solstice meditation for longevity and rejuvenation the night before the solstice. He will be reading excerpts from his forthcoming book “The Return of the Medicine Trees: A Vision of Sound Leadership for Global Healing.” 

Pease join us for these beautiful events and come in often for health and wellbeing. 

Much Love to all of you, 

Serra Chase Natan

Founder and Acupuncturist at BAP