Dear Community,  

We have entered into some uncharted waters. While what is happening in our collective reality has hints of patterns from the past, there has never been another now. And now. And now.  It has always been this way and this climate invites us even more than ever to be awake, here, now.  It is imperative that we are all attentive and alert and also relaxed and grounded in order to make clear and effective choices.

One thing I love about the perspective that Chinese Medicine brings is the wisdom of a culture far older than ours that has seen empires rise and fall and the most beautiful and horrendous parts of humanity expressed. The medical history reflects the political and cultural climate and particular techniques and perspectives may not have developed without the stimulus of certain cultural tensions.  As medicine effects culture through people (and vice versa) it is important to remember that in taking care of ourselves and looking at how we take care of each other lays the potential for deep change.

In feeling into how and what to respond to all that is going on, I will just say this much for now:

BAP is a safe space. It always has been and always will be. We welcome all people at all stages of life and all walks of life. All we ask is that you are considerate of yourself, our staff, and the other folks in the space. It is our hope that by making this safe and effective medicine available to you, that you will have the energy and clarity of thought to do the best you can in your spheres of influence so that we can continue to have a safe and beautiful world for generations to come.   

We are at a place now in history where we need all hands on deck, all organ systems in full working order, and all past behind us.  Now is where you can be most effective and alive.  Please come to BAP to support what we call in Chinese Medicine "the upright Qi" or Zheng Qi.  With true alignment in ourselves we can come together in a strong way to make some new history now.

We are here all day everyday with acupuncture, massage, sound therapy, reiki, and herbal support. Please also join us for our upcoming events listed below to gather together in a healing and visionary space.

In Love and Solidarity,

Serra Chase Natan

Acupuncturist/Herbalist and Founder of BAP