Dear Community, 

This week we ring in the spring! 

Congratulations on moving through another winter and keeping hope alive :) 

In these unprecedented and trying times, we could all stand to strengthen our capacity for hope.  It just so happens that the spring season, as seen through the eyes of Chinese medical cosmology, gives us exactly this opportunity. 

Spring holds the energy of everything green and vibrant growing up towards the sun; facing everything and avoiding nothing in its quest to grow.The swelling tips of trees, the brave unfurling seeds, the bold roots busting through concrete, the crafty vines, the unstoppable bamboo - all this energy is in us too.  

As the season of the Wood element, Spring tonifies our resolve to face everything and avoid nothing in our own quest to grow. It is now that we find all the ways to live into our vision of the most beautiful version of ourselves and our world. In Wood, we push, we shout, we get angry, we forgive, we move, we stretch up and out, we create, we see the bright eyed truth, and walk straight ahead. 

In 2016, BAP birthed the Elemental Activism Initiative (working title) with the mission to support eco-social movements that are working in specific ways for the protection of the Five Elements. Last Autumn and Winter (the seasons of Metal and Water respectively),  BAP stood with Standing Rock to protect our mineral resources (metal) and waters and raised over six hundred dollars for the medical tent!  Having healthy resource management practices and clean water for generations to come is something we will stand with forever.  

This Spring and Summer, we are supporting a mission that aligns with the Wood and Fire elements in the bright green upper Amazon. For the past six years, I have worked with the Seikopai indigenous community in northeastern Ecuador and see the wisdom of their time honored traditions as the medicine our world needs most. BAP is now raising money to build a traditional lodge which will function as a cultural healing center. People from the Seikopai community, and from all over the world, will gather here to re-member and learn the traditions that strengthen their connection to each other and to the earth.  Please enjoy the video and contribute as a member of our global human family. No amount is too much or too little. 

Meanwhile at BAP, we have a supreme line up of events to support your vision and growth through all walks of life. Please explore our events page to find out about our workshops and classes at the clinic as well as a special retreat Lev and I are hosting at our new home up in Massachusetts. It’s a short car, train, or bus ride up and this workshop will be very nourishing. I know I need it! Hope to see you there. 

Thank you for reading, taking care of yourself by coming to BAP, and taking care of the world though your actions.

Now, off to plant some seeds! 

With Love and Hope, 

Sarah Chase Natan

Founder/owner at BAP