I'm not sure if there is a correlation between the arrival of the summer solstice and gay pride month, but I would like to think that there is.  The timing, in fact, was meant to fall roughly on the anniversary of the famous Stonewall riots which sparked the gay rights movement.  Just one week after the summer solstice in June 1969, a group of LGBTQ people (many of whom were transgender people of color) gathered at the Stonewall Inn.  On this night, police raided the bar.  The patrons resisted the raid and fought the riot geared officers and the gay rights movement was born. 

Of course the tension had been brewing.  People were upset about the funeral of Judy Garland which happened earlier that day.  People were also fearful of being outed and arrested.  In my heart, I'd also like to believe the summer solstice played a role.

Late June is the brightest of the bright, the most yang of all yang, the time in which the sun shines longer than any other time.   Perhaps the yearning to stand bright along side humanity had reached its peak.  The dark hour in history was at its starkest contrast.  It was time, at last, to revel in the brightness; to stand and be counted in the daylight culture.  

This year (and every year) we give thanks to those brave patrons of the Stonewall Inn for allowing the next generation (and the next) to stand in the sun.  To shine a bright light into the world.  To be proud, vibrant, and full of light.

Wishing you peace, light, and pride