Here at the clinic, we are constantly trying to find the best ways to stand for the true, the good, and the beautiful parts of humanity.  Each season, we fundraise for a environmental or social justice group that are already doing the good work.  Last fall and winter we were able to send a hearty amount to the Standing Rock legal fund and this spring and summer we helped raise funds for an indigenous family in Ecuador's upper Amazon to build a traditional healing lodge for their community that is being torn apart by oil.  This season we will be supporting a beautiful expression of artistic activism. 

Seeds of the Anaconda is a visionary art gathering that seeks to share Ancestral Wisdom through exhibitions, art workshops, artist talks, ceremony, and community outreach.  From 2012 to 2020, gatherings across the Americas and the world will unite Indigenous tribes and non-Indian tribes to come together in one purpose and one heart, for peace, harmony, and the restoration of unity with all living Beings and the Earth. This year Seeds of the Anaconda are raising money to have this gathering in a remote tribal community  in Santa Marta, Sierra Nevada, Colombia, where the people have never had the opportunity to access artwork usually only seen in city museums and private collections.