Dear BAP family, 

Our clinic turns ten years old this month!!!! 

At some point I will write down the whole Brooklyn Acupuncture Project story thus far, as it has been one that is sure to inspire and fill the hearts of all who hear. For now, I will tell a little more of the story (I shared some in a newsletter last year at this time) and let it continue to unfold. 

I had the vision for the clinic in a Vipassana mediation in June 2007; though I saw it in either DUMBO or Northampton, Mass at that time. Through a sequence of events I can only describe as grace, the people/places/and things to move the project forward in Gowanus opened into manifestation. 

In the early days, we were in a smaller space on the 4th floor. We had the "invisible receptionist," a somewhat reliable system of registration and payment that allowed people to sign up on a sheet of paper on the wall and pay with envelopes in a drop box.  We flyered at the farmers markets, gave talks at the Park Slope Food Coop, and showed up every day even when there were no people on the schedule. The sliding scale was 18-30 dollars and our logo was lady liberty with a revolution fist.  We definitely did not have a computer.  At that time, only the pizza place downstairs and the two restaurants on the corners of 12th and 13th were here. Though the magic of word of mouth, we got steadily busier over the next few months and by the summer, we were humming along with 5-10 people/day. 

We have continued to grow in a natural pace that has surprised and greatly pushed me out of my comfort zone continuously. Indeed, the past ten years has taught me more about love, leadership, and letting go than I would have ever imagined. Today, we see over 200 people/week, have an all star reception team, and some of the finest healers in the city offering treatments. We are now officially the "Best of Brooklyn" and have the utmost sweetest clients of all time. We always joke that even if you are not so nice, when you walk past the elevator doors into the clinic, somehow you are transformed. There is a beautiful energy field that we all create that is responsible for the healing vibration that occurs here. 

I want to thank each and every one of you (which is all of you) that have played a part in shaping BAP. I want to especially thank the people who have given so much love to the clinic through the years and who continue to share their light with us! 

Brittany Griffen, Melissa Little, Kidada Fields, Christopher Peacock, Alexandra Garcia, Donna Hernandez, Evie Ellman, Nikole Sturgis, Jennifer Sawyer, Kate Flynn, Saruh Lacoff, Erica Evans, Liz Roper, and Madeline Lynch; thank you. To all the therapists who share the space with us and offer their healing ways, thank you. To all the people who have come and gone and shared some of your heart with us, thank you. 

May the growing light of this season shine on the clinic and each and every person who walks through our doors. May the healing and illumination cultivated at BAP be shared with all beings.

We will celebrate with two Acupuncture Sound Bath's next weekend!  Please register to hold your place as space is limited and we are bound to fill up. 

See you there! 

With Love,

Sarah Natan

Founder/owner at BAP