Dear Friends, 

The Light returns! :) 

Even though it is still quite cold, spring is rustling beneath the frost as the Yang energy begins to rise. In Chinese cosmology, this time belongs to Hexagram 19 of the IChing, "Lin." Hexagram 19 is represented by two Yang (active, hot, rising) lines moving up through four Yin (still, cold, sinking) lines.  "Lin" translates as something like "approach."  


The IChing is comprised of 64 hexagrams, six lines of varying combinations of Yin (open) and Yang (closed) lines.  By the time we get to the Spring Equinox in mid-March, we have equal light and dark and thusly three Yang lines under 3 Yin lines.  This upcoming new moon will mark the Chinese New Year and the beginning of the next cycle.  In my own cultural heritages, this time is noted by the Irish Celts as "Imbolc," when the sap begins to rise, and by the Jews as Tu B'shvat, the birthday of the Trees. Indeed, you can follow all cultural lineages back to nature based wisdom. 


There are 12 particular hexagrams that represent the 12 months of the year, 12 hours in the clock, 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac, and 12 organ systems in Chinese medicine. This time of early spring "Lin" is  associated with this month of February, the hours of 1-3 in the morning, the ox, and the Liver organ network.  If the winter solstice and darkest time is like midnight, this time of "approach" is still quite dark and quiet but with a very different quality. There is some subtle yet palpable action. 

The quality of the Liver can be learned though looking at Hexagram 19.  The upper three Yin lines mean "Earth" and the lower 3 lines represent "Thunder." Thunder rumbles under the Earth, awakening and empowering the seeds, the roots of the trees, the sap, and us!  Sometimes, the Liver is likened to the "general" of the body as it is in charge of moving QI and Blood and nourishing the tendons that move our muscles. It is associated with the eyes as it is the Liver that holds our vision strong, even in the darkest times. The top of the Liver channel ends at the top of the head as it has a direct connection to the North Star, or our guiding light. It is the energy of the Liver which is said to travel in dream and return to inform our hearts though the blood. 

The energy of the Liver meridian flows next into the Lung which rules our immune system. By working right now with the Liver energy we can prevent spring allergies and some of the possible stagnation that comes with waking up out of winter. Just like the ice that starts to melt as that Yang rises, old patterns can start to creek and crack as you yourself stretch into a new cycle. When Liver Qi flows freely, all systems of the body are humming along and the mind is free and easy to dream, vision, and plan. 

What are those visions and aspirations for you? What are you stretching into? What is it that is waking up, rumbling under you? 

For is all about getting organized!  Visualizing and planning is a challenge for me so scheduling can be tough :)  Thank you all for being patient  as I crack open into this new commuter lifestyle and find the best ways to balance out my work in Massachusetts and NY. 

Luckily, my husband and healing partner in sound, Lev, has a good healthy Liver ;)   His supreme organizational skills mixed with my love of BAP sound baths and a desire to continue led us to..... 

(drumroll please....) 

Plan, confirm, and announce our  2018 Sound bath Series!

The first one will be in Mid-March, right around the time of the Equinox. As always, we will correspond the treatments with the energy of the season as indeed heath is aligning with what is! As above so below, macrocosm /microcosm. We have so much to learn from the elements. Every year we can go deeper. 

Please join us for one or all of these awesome events. We will talk about the season, practice vocal toning, then relax into the acupuncture sound journey for new perspective and vitality.  

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Last, but not at all least, thank you all who voted us into wining the BEST OF BROOKLYN for acupuncture in 2017!!!!  We love creating this clinic with you and will continue to be the best that we can be. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank You.