BAP’s spring cleanse is coming right up!

May 1st - 22nd

Nancy Campbell of Radiant Health and I will gather a group of ten people who are ready to meet their most healthy selves. 

There are so many ways to go about cleansing and indeed it has become a buzz word in the health and nutrition world. As Chinese medicine sees moderation, balance, and consistency as the main ingredients to health, there is not a traditional ‘cleanse’ in the modern sense of the word. The regular diet is a cleansing diet, and if the body is working optimally, all detox pathways are open and functioning to keep us in tip top shape.  

This belief, of course, emerged in a time and a place where there was not the regular onslaught of toxins that we see today nor the variety of options from climates and soils far from our own.  Even those of us who strive to eat as clean as possible on a regular basis could do well to have a yearly, or twice a year, simple cleanse to give the body a chance to rest and renew. 

The BAP spring cleanse is a gentle yet deeply effective way to: 

  • Strengthening your immune system; 

  • Reenergizing your metabolism;

  • Recalibrating your digestive system; 

  • Balancing your hormones;

  • Supporting your nervous system; and

  • Cleaning-up your diet and simplify your life 

The basic flow of the cleanse is one week of peeling back the heavy hitters like alcohol, coffee, tobacco, and sugar. The second week consists of very simple and delicious foods that are known to detox the body from accumulations.

Tuna Salad..Yum :)

Tuna Salad..Yum :)

The third week is an opportunity to reenter into your optimal diet, exploring which foods are most supportive. This cleanse is sometimes called an “elimination diet” in the nutrition world. It is a way to both cleanse the major organs and blood at the same time as discovering which foods may have been triggering reactions formerly. 

Reactions to trigger foods can range anywhere skin breakouts and mood imbalances to full blown allergic reactions. After the two weeks of clean eating, when the usual suspects (wheat, dairy, soy, nightshades, sugars) are reintroduced, you have a chance to really see what they do to you without the masking of so many other factors.

“It’s not’s me!”

“It’s not’s me!”

It is not hard to change habits at this point.

The cleanse is also a time to simplify other patterns in your life like screen time, extra stuff in your home/papers in your office, excess social events, and a scattered schedule etc… It is a time to possibly set new patterns of mediation, exercise, and activities that support your highest vibrancy and health. 

Nancy and I support you though the cleanse every step of the way. It has been so wonderful to see peoples lives transform from this short cleanse. We hope you will join us this year!! 

Kick-off Date:

April 28th

7 - 8 pm