You have found your way here because you work as a social impact organizational leader, holistic practitioner, or social entrepreneur. Or maybe you’re an emerging thought leader, activist, community organizer, artist, or creative educator. Or you might even be in the in-between-place of transition, sensing a readiness to step more deeply into your calling and unique expression of leadership.

What’s clear is that you care deeply about the earth and the whole web-of-life; and you’re committed to a viable future for the generations to come. While you have big visions for what’s possible, and you’re doing your best to walk your talk, it’s certainly not easy.

At times it feels lonely, heavy, overwhelming and even disorienting. In these poignant times, you feel nourished by being part of something greater - especially being connected with other ChangeMakers who are on a similar path of inner and outer growth.


Private Coaching

In each session, we start with a centering practice to get connected to your authentic and empowered self and set goals for the session.  From there we enter a dynamic dialogue to bring forth the clarity, focus, and perspective to empower you to take the next steps.  Coaching works best when it becomes a consistent part of your life.  Clients get the best results when they commit to coaching sessions on a regular basis - usually once a week or twice-a-month. Forty minute private sessions are available on a sliding scale from $50 - $80.

Group Coaching

In this intimate coaching circle, you will receive the tools, support, and accountability to envision & create the life & work that is most precious to you. Give yourself permission to listen to the calling in your heart and follow through.  Workshop Topics include: Commitment; Leadership: Being Your Best Self; Vision; Why You Care; Communicating Your Message Authentically; How to Follow Through on Your Vision: Goals; and Timelines & Action Plans. Group sessions are $37.00 per person. 



Lev Natan I’ve been helping change-makers like you to amplify their influence and impact for just about a decade now, and the feedback that I receive is that it’s been useful for them to have the guidance, outside perspective, and sense of community that this coaching offers. If you’re interested in learning more about individualized or group coaching, click here to register for a free 30-minute consultation, to see if working together is a good fit.