Acupuncture and Sound Healing helps us to tap into the embodied virtues of our human potential. The holiday season provides a unique opportunity. We can connect, expand, dream, and grow or collapse into old patterns. Choose LIGHT with us and discover the true gift of this season. After the Winter Solstice (Dec 21st) the YANG QI (light, energy, pure consciousness) begins to get stronger. Through the combined medicine of acupuncture and sound, we can harness this natural energy and blast off into the new year with pure Yang Qi as our fuel!

Join us for one session or the whole series

  • NOV 27th 7-9: Roots

  • DEC 4th 7-9: Creativity

  • DEC 17th 7-9: Power

  • DEC 18th 12:30-2: Love*  

  • SAT DEC 24th 5-7: Expression

  • SUN DEC 25, 5-7pm:  Vision

  • MON DEC 26, 6-8pm: Illumination

$37.00 per session.

Please note the times are not the same for all dates.