WYRD PLAY: Divination Games for Deciphering Direction

The soul speaks in symbols just waiting for our attention. Divination is a way of accessing this inner language and tapping into the matrix of meaning that underlies our life. But when dealing with such weighty matters, it may be best to follow Suzuki, who said “what we’re doing here is so important, we better not take it too seriously!” 

In these hands-on sessions we’ll learn and play different divination games while calling on master plant teachers Yarrow and Mugwort. Pulling our heads out of the trenches of daily life, we’ll take in the big picture: where do we most deeply want to go in life, and what can we do to align with that direction? 

Come with an open mind and prepared to play! 

Read more about this workshop series here on our blog.

This event is a 3 part series and will be capped at 6 participants ($100/person). 

November 6; November 20; December 18 from 5 - 7:15pm.