In this urban retreat you will learn how to be your own healer, leaving with an energy rebalancing first aid kit for living in the city. Using sacred sound, energy medicine and taoist techniques in a simple modern meditation as your daily practice you will learn how to apply these simple effective self healing techniques and use them in your daily travel time, (subway, taxi, plane) to strengthen your radiance and QI (lifeforce).

Here we will learn with Aya how to strengthen our vital QI and re balance and protect our auric fields from harmful EMF (electro magnetic fields) fields we encounter everyday living in the city from our cell phones, computers, cell phone towers and powerful electrical grids that that make our neurological and auric fields out of balance and leave us feeling leave us feeling drained and wiped out. Common energy imbalances such as insomnia, anxiety and headaches can be easily calmed and relieved by learning how to move "stuck" energy on "overload" out of our body.

You will leave feeling and smelling amazing with a free gift from Aya from her sound healing meditation music project, Aya and Tyler

Date: Sunday,11 June, 2016
Time: 5.30pm-7:30pm
Cost: $35

Reservations required. 

What to bring: A yoga mat is recommended or a blanket. Wear comfortable clothes to allow for stretching and movement.