• Brooklyn Acupuncture Project (map)
  • 530 3rd Avenue
  • Brooklyn, NY, 11215
  • United States

At Brooklyn Acupuncture Project our signature sound bath blends sound and acupuncture for an elevated experience.   Lev Natan draws from years of training as a sound healer to produce a resonant soundscape with tuning forks, flutes, didgeridoo, and singing bowls as Sarah Chase Natan offers an acupuncture treatment tailored to the evening's place in the lunar calendar. The session will sooth your internal rhythm and leave you tuned into the flow of the season.

$44.00 per person.*

*Lev and Sarah recently relocated to Western Massachusetts.  However due to the overwhelming popular demand for the acupuncture sound baths (and because they just love the BAP community) Sarah and Lev will continue to offer several monthly sessions. We recently raised the price of the sessions to help them offset their travel expenses.