• Brooklyn Acupuncture Project (map)
  • 530 3rd Avenue
  • Brooklyn, NY, 11215
  • United States


Join us Saturday, November 3rd from 5-8pm at the Brooklyn Acupuncture Project for the Opening Reception of the international Visionary Art exhibit, Seeds of the Anaconda.

The Opening Reception will include herbal refreshments, interactive collaborative live painting, and a discussion from the curator regarding the artwork and the art activation projects that Seeds of the Anaconda embodies around the world.

The NYC Seeds of the Anaconda at Brooklyn Acupuncture Project includes original paintings and high quality prints from the Peruvian artists Moises Llerena, Juan Carlos Taminchi, Colombian artist Jeison Castillo, and US artists Tim Davis, and Madeline Lynch.

Seeds of the Anaconda is a compilation of artwork from around the world that expresses the messages of transcendent states of consciousness, visionary experiences, and ancestral wisdom with the aim to move the world forward towards inspired Peace. As an exercise, it is through these rich and diverse perspectives of all peoples that we can see the uniting thread of the universe manifested in color, visions and mythology. Through art we celebrate “unity within diversity, without hindering diversity within unity.”

This NYC Seeds of the Anaconda exhibit is a fundraiser for the 2017 Art Activation and Ancestral Wisdom gathering in Santa Marta, Colombia that will take place from December 9th - 16th. This gathering brings quality art to remote communities and leaves a “Live in Art City” as its legacy by painting community murals. The gathering includes indigenous leaders, medicine carriers, international quality artists, families and permaculturists.