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Acupuncture Sound Bath: Elemental Series 2018

Tune into the flow of the seasons with our Acupuncture and Sound Bath series led by Sound Therapist, Lev Natan, and Brooklyn Acupuncture Project founder, Sarah Chase Natan. This four part series can be done individually or experienced as a whole throughout the entire year. Each session has an elemental theme that corresponds with the season.

March 17 & 18 - WOOD
June 16 & 17 - FIRE              
September 15 & 16 - EARTH         
December  15 & 16 - METAL / WATER

The Medicine of the Acupuncture Sound Bath:

As both acupuncture and sound have deep roots in the ancient wisdom traditions, weaving together the modalities brings an approach to healing that is thorough, reliable, beautiful, and fun. Through vocal meditation, Qigong, and a short discussion of Taoist cosmology informing the treatment, we enter into the acupuncture sound journey with intention and coherence. With the intelligence held in acupoints and the guidance offered through sound, the meditative state is easily accessible and we can resonate with the highest form of health. Sarah has been practicing acupuncture since 2005 and is the founder of the Brooklyn Acupuncture Project. She has dedicated her life to making this medicine affordable and available to all. Lev has been working as a coach and sound therapist since 2006 and is the founder of the Medicine Tree Center. They have been collaborating on the Acupuncture Sound Bath since 2013 and are happy to share their particular piece of healing with the BAP community.

Please wear loose comfortable and warm clothing that you can roll up past your elbows and knees.

Pre-registration required.

$55.00 per session*