Childbirth Education at Brooklyn Acupuncture Project

Taught by Morgane Richardson, Co-founder of Woven Bodies

Over the course of 2 evening sessions this series explores what you can do to bring about a healthy pregnancy, birth, and baby, and how to prepare for a gentle postpartum transition to parenthood. You’ll walk away from this course with an understanding of your pregnant body, reproductive health, and your rights as a birthing pregnant person in 2019.  

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Physiology of pregnancy & birth

  • Signs of labor

  • Pain-coping and labor-support techniques

  • Articulating birth preferences ("birth plans")

  • Understanding interventions and cesarean birth

  • Immediate postpartum care and feeding

  • Tips for a gentle postpartum recovery and transition to parenthood

This is an accelerated Childbirth ed. class, perfect for those who are don't have a lot time in their busy schedules or who are independent learners and have done research but want someone to go over the foundations in person.

LGBTQ+ Families: I recognize and love that families come in a multitude of ways.  As is true with all my classes, this class is Queer and Trans inclusive.

Cost: The total for this class is: $350.00/family

For questions, please contact Morgane directly at

About Your Instructor: Morgane Richardson has been doula and perinatal health educator since 2012 and wears a variety of hats in this field including:  Former Director of the NYC Doula Collective and Co-Founder of Woven Bodies, an inclusive digital practice supporting queer folks + allies from family planning through parenthood. She currently serves as the practitioner lead for Cycles & Sex, an emerging digital hub for reproductive and sexual health. Morgane makes her home in Brooklyn, NY with her wife Alexandra and their daughter who was born in April 2018.