Brooklyn Acupuncture Project Spring Cleanse

May 1st - May 21st, 2019

The Brooklyn Acupuncture Project Spring Cleanse is a unique 3 week, whole food cleanse that guides you to shift away from the major dietary stimulants and allergens with support, accountability, and guidance. You can deeply nourish yourself with ample group support, and optional acupuncture, bodywork, and nutritional consultation.

3 Week Cleanse Investment:

First Time Cleansers: $290-$350 - sliding scale
Repeat Cleansers: $275
For All: 10% Discount on all treatments given throughout Brooklyn Acupuncture Project and Illumina Healing Arts as well as Nancy’s additional Meal Planning, Culinary, and Nutritional support through Radiant Health

Each participant will receive a health evaluation with one of our collaborating facilitators; culinary nutritionist Nancy Campbell of Radiant Health and Sarah Natan of Illumina Healing Arts and founder of Brooklyn Acupuncture Project. Additional support will be offered through:

  • Group Introductory Call

  • Text, Voice Memo and Email throughout the 3 week cleanse

  • Private Facebook Group Support

Past participants have successfully used this cleanse to kick start weight loss goals, radically shift their diet, lift their energy and eliminate digestive issues, among other things. This is also a great platform to test for allergens and food sensitivities. The 3 week cleanse is structured like an elimination diet where you remove the most common allergenic foods such as dairy, gluten, soy, peanuts, etc., as well as stimulants like caffeine and sugar. At the end of the 3 weeks, you can test for food sensitivities with our system guide and support.

Over the course of 3 Weeks, you will receive one-on-one nutritional and logical guidance and the support to address moving forward once the 21 days are over. This is a thorough and nourishing whole-foods cleanse that is structured as an elimination diet, the gold standard for food sensitivity testing. While we are not offering acupuncture and massage as part of the package, the 10% discount will be available until the end of May. The additional acupuncture and massage will aid in your detox and help to reduce cravings or withdrawal symptoms from stimulants. Additional support from Nancy will aid in deepening the impact of the cleanse on your life.

KICK-OFF CALL: Sunday, April 28th at