Sound healing harnesses the principle of acoustic resonance to adjust the central nervous system. Like the strings on a resting guitar that vibrates in tune with music played off a nearby sound system, the human body responds to the harmonics that surround us. Around the world, people have practiced medicine in the form of sound for thousands of years using traditional instruments like the didgeridoo, Tibetan singing bowls, and the human voice. While sound healing has recently made it’s entrance into hip yoga and meditation centers all over the U.S., at Brooklyn Acupuncture Project we have a well established practice of working with sound rooted in years of experience and training.


Sound Bath Acupuncture

Here at BAP we've pioneered our own flavor of sound bath: infused with the good vibes of group acupuncture. Depending on the evening, healing sounds are served up on didgeridoo, jaw harp, singing bowls, or vocals. The acupuncture points are selected based on the lunar calendar - using a technique passed through a single family lineage in China and brought to Brooklyn by Serra Chase, BAP founder.  The acupuncture and sound work synergistically to tune you into the flow of the season and balance your internal rhythms.  Sound baths are $55.00 and are offered several times a month.

Sarah and Lev Natan

Sarah and Lev Natan

Sarah and Lev Natan have been offering their signature Acupuncture Sound Bath at BAP since 2013. As both acupuncture and sound have deep roots in the ancient wisdom traditions, weaving together the modalities brings an approach to healing that is thorough, reliable, beautiful, and fun. In these acupuncture sound sessions, we will tune into the flow of the seasons, practice vocal toning, then relax into the acupuncture sound journey for new perspective and vitality.


Lev Natan  Integrative Sound and Music Practitioner  Sacred Business Coach

Lev Natan

Integrative Sound and Music Practitioner

Sacred Business Coach

Lev Natan is certified as an Integrative Sound and Music Practitioner through The New York Open Center's Sound & Music Institute.  He utilizes sound healing to create a safe and creative space for his clients to access the deeper intelligence and creative imagination that’s necessary to effectively navigate life, relationships, career, and health in these times of change.  A musician his whole life, Lev awakened to the healing power of sound through spiritual and musical traditions from cultures around the world, including the Chasidic Tradition of Judaism, spiritual traditions of Brazil and Peru, Tuvan Throat Singing, and Native American spiritual traditions.