Administrative Team


Sarah Chase Natan, Founder/Director

Sarah began her exploration of Chinese Medicine at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2002 and graduated with a masters degree in 2006 after spending over one year living and studying in southern China. She is a nationally certified herbalist and shiatsu practitioner as well as NY state licensed acupuncturist. She has been fortunate to learn medicine traditions with Heiner Freuhoff, Lonny Jarret, Thea Elijah, Hua Ching Ni, the Wu Sheng’an family in Xi’an, and the good elders of the Secoya community Northeastern Ecuador.  A thorough pulse diagnosis guides her acupuncture, body work, and herbal treatments as Serra hopes to encourage the highest expression of health and wellbeing in all the people she works with.  Serving through community acupuncture in Brooklyn for over seven years and treating in South and Central America for the past four years, Serra has assisted thousands of people with many different needs and confidently treats everything from body pain to babesiosis to broken heart, wholeheartedly and without hesitation.  She started the Brooklyn Acupuncture Project in 2007 and is grateful to the community for making it the amazing place it is!

Nik "Eagle Eye" Sturgis, Clinic Manager

Nik is a New York State licensed massage therapist who earned her degree from the Swedish Institute: College of Health Sciences in 2012. Before pursuing a career in massage therapy, Nikole was an educator in Oakland and New York City for 10 years. It was during her time in this field that she began to understand the toll that stress could take on one’s physical, mental and emotional well being, and the importance of finding balance by establishing a wellness regimen that fits into our busy lives. Massage therapy can play an important role in your health regimen because it has been shown to be a means by which stress can be reduced significantly on physical and psychological levels. Nikole’s goal is to tailor each treatment to the client’s individual needs by combining the various short and long strokes of Western massage with the acupressure techniques of Shiatsu in order to create a relaxing, therapeutic, and healing massage. Nikole holds a certification in Medical Massage.

Alexandra Garcia, Outreach Director 

The following is placeholder text known as “lorem ipsum,” which  is a nationally board licensed doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Her practice focus is in pediatrics and obstetrics. However she has also trained in pain management, facial rejuvenation, weight management, and stroke rehabilitation. Her interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine evolved out of her undergraduate studies in neuropsychology and ethnobotany at Middlebury College.  Having completed her doctorate, she is currently participating in a year-long post-graduate clinical training at NYU Lutheran Medical Center in the Neurology and Labor & Deliver Depts. Learn more about Alexandra

Lev Natan, Development & Leadership Coordinator

Lev is certified as an Integrative Sound and Music Practitioner through The New York Open Center's Sound & Music Institute.  He utilizes sound healing to create a safe and creative space for his clients to access the deeper intelligence and creative imagination that’s necessary to effectively navigate life, relationships, career, and health in these times of change.  A musician his whole life, Lev awakened to the healing power of sound through spiritual and musical traditions from cultures around the world, including the Chasidic Tradition of Judaism, spiritual traditions of Brazil and Peru, Tuvan Throat Singing, and Native American spiritual traditions.  

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