Acupuncture is based on principles first established around 2,000 years ago in East Asia.  Over the past 300 hundred years the practice of acupuncture has evolved in step with biomedical theory.  

Traditionally acupuncture points were considered a nexus of energy on channels that run over and into the human body.  Today, scientists are discovering that the channels are intricately intertwined with fascia - a connective tissue that wraps through the body and generates electricity under pressure.  Acupuncture has been shown to shift the nervous system into a "rest and recover" state.  From here a range of imbalances can be righted: muscle pain, digestive difficulty, insomnia, conception challenges, and others.  

Our clinic is based on the “community acupuncture” model. We treat several people at the same time in an open space. This allows us to see patients in fifteen minute intervals and keep prices significantly lower than would be possible in a private practice without compromising treatment quality.  

In order to maintain a smooth pace between appointments and keep prices affordable, we have a firm late policy. Appointments will be cancelled after a ten minute grace period, and a $20 fee will be applied to cover the practitioner’s time. In cases of emergency, fees may be waived. The clinic is a community endeavor that relies on patients, practitioners, and staff collaboration to maintain its success a neighborhood resource.  


Follow Up Appointment

Follow up appointments run about an hour and fifteen minutes long. For the first ten to fifteen minutes of your appointment the practitioner will hear about your experience since your last treatment, ask questions, and adjust your treatment plan. You’ll then be treated either lying or sitting down for 20 - 60 minutes depending on your needs. The sliding scale fee for follow up appointments starts at $35 and is based on self reported income.

Initial Appointment

Initial appointments run about an hour and a half long. Please arrive ten to fifteen minutes early to fill out paperwork, or complete our digital intake before you arrive. For the first fifteen to twenty minutes of your appointment the practitioner will listen to your story, ask questions, and build a treatment plan. You’ll then be treated either lying or sitting down for 20 - 60 minutes depending on your needs. Initial appointments are $50 - $90 (according to our self reported income based sliding scale).


Tui Na and shiatsu are forms of medical massage developed in China and Japan, respectively. Rooted in the principles of Chinese Medicine, they work with a similar set of energetic meridians. The combination session incorporates the diagnostic and therapeutic power of touch and acupuncture to move energetic blocks and physical tension all together. Using the whole-body lens of the meridian system, these sessions can work on all levels of mind and body.  One hour sessions can be booked for $111.

Pediatric (Needle - Free)                                    

Pediatric acupuncture is appropriate for children of all ages. Treatments don’t require the acupuncture needles, and instead use a variety of brushes and tools to redirect energy into a healthy pattern.  Just as with adults, there’s a wide range of uses for Chinese Medicine in pediatrics. It can be used monthly just to stay in good health, or can be employed for allergies, asthma, upset tummies, and ear aches.  Answers to common questions can be found on our blog. Treatments for children under ten are $40.00 for 20 minutes sessions.

Serra Chase Natan  Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Serra Chase Natan

Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Sarah Chase Natan began her exploration of Chinese Medicine at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2002 and graduated with a masters degree in 2006 after spending over one year living and studying in southern China. She is a nationally certified herbalist and shiatsu practitioner as well as NY state licensed acupuncturist. She has been fortunate to learn medicine traditions with Heiner Freuhoff, Lonny Jarret, Thea Elijah, Hua Ching Ni, the Wu Sheng’an family in Xi’an, and the good elders of the Secoya community Northeastern Ecuador.  A thorough pulse diagnosis guides her acupuncture, body work, and herbal treatments as Sarah hopes to encourage the highest expression of health and wellbeing in all the people she works with.  Serving through community acupuncture in Brooklyn for over seven years and treating in South and Central America for the past four years, Sarah has assisted thousands of people with many different needs and confidently treats everything from body pain to babesiosis to broken heart, wholeheartedly and without hesitation.  She started the Brooklyn Acupuncture Project in 2007 and is grateful to the community for making it the amazing place it is!

Donna R. Hernandez  Licensed Acupuncturist

Donna R. Hernandez

Licensed Acupuncturist

Donna R. Hernández is a NY Licensed Acupuncturist/Herbalist and has a Bachelor's degree from Pennsylvania State University.  Her focus is in Neurological Disorders, Orthopedics and overall Wellness support. She's a trained Practitioner in Fertility, Weight Management, Auricular and therapeutic Tui Na Massage treatments.  She is a graduate of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine MSTOM program and she works there as the Herb Dispensary Clinic Coordinator and as a Teaching Assistant in Acupuncture/Points theory classes.  In 2017, she joined on as a Fellow/Apprentice at the NYU Lutheran Medical Center in the Neurology department with a focus on Stroke and Pain management.  Over the last few years she has participated in Community Acupuncture clinics in Guatemala, Harlem and Brooklyn.  As a Practitioner of Puerto Rican decent, she provides services in both English and Spanish and is dedicated to providing access to Wellness in all communities.  

Kidada Fields  Licensed Acupuncturist

Kidada Fields

Licensed Acupuncturist

Kidada Fields is an acupuncturist, gardener, and reiki practitioner. The seeds of her passion for the healing arts were planted as a young child by a mother who braved the jungles of Guyana in search of self-discovery.  Kidada learned to take an integrated approach to wellness and views healing as a journey, not just a destination. Ms. Fields encourages her patients to actively participate in their curing process. Part of her work includes supporting people in their ability to listen to their bodies and tune into the messages that symptoms convey.  Kidada’s Acupuncture background is rooted in Five Element theory that branches out to include different styles including TCM & 8 Principles. She earned her Master’s in Acupuncture (2006) from the acclaimed Tai Sophia Institute Maryland.  Ms. Fields holds a BS in Biology (1998), a Health Coach Certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (2004) and a 2nd level Reiki attunement (2013). After completing a year course in Chinese Herbal medicine (2006), Kidada discovered another healing tool and continues to study Chinese herbs.  She has helped people with an array of health concerns including bodily & emotional pain, infertility, menstrual & menopausal issues and seasonal imbalances. She recently re-located back to Brooklyn, NY after having a four year Acupuncture practice in Baltimore, MD.  While in Baltimore, Kidada also volunteered at Joy Wellness, a free community clinic; worked at Govans Community Acupuncture clinic; and supervised non-acupuncturist offering the 5 needle NADA protocol to people working through addictions. Kidada’s joyful return home brings more time with her family and an opportunity serve alongside the BAP community.

Tim Fatato  Licensed Acupuncturist

Tim Fatato

Licensed Acupuncturist

Tim Fatato is a graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine where he earned a masters degree in Acupuncture. He apprenticed for over three years in a clinic that specializes in orthopedics and pain management, where he learned how to combine Acupuncture with Tui Na, a form of Chinese medical massage to address his patient’s needs. He believes in the power of utilizing both Acupuncture and hands-on body work to treat any condition. He is continuing his postgraduate study at NYU Langone Hospital working in the Neurology Department. He also has experience treating a variety of other conditions including anxiety, stress, PTSD, stroke and digestive issues.

Jasmine Stine  Licensed Acupuncturist

Jasmine Stine

Licensed Acupuncturist

Jasmine Stine is a second generation acupuncturist and herbalist, Jasmine has been studying Chinese Medicine since 2011. She holds a Master's in Acupuncture, a Bachelor's of Health Science, and a Diploma in Chinese Herbal Studies from the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture. She received her B.A. from Hampshire College where she studied Community Development for Social Change. She is an ongoing student of Lonny Jarrett's, with whom she has completed an additional two year course of study clinically integrating Five Element and TCM perspectives, spiritual practice, and pulse diagnosis. Prior to opening her practice, Jasmine launched and contributed to a number of diverse projects and businesses both domestically and abroad. After working as a butcher, a florist, an entrepreneur, a startup consultant, a farmer, a copywriter, a youth educator, a fish monger, and more, she finally came back to Chinese Medicine and the city where she was born.

Mona Eldahry  Licensed Acupuncturist

Mona Eldahry

Licensed Acupuncturist

Mona Eldahry studied acupuncture, herbal medicine and manual techniques at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, where she completed a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM). She received training in acupuncture and manual techniques for labor and neurological disorders at NYU Lutheran Medical Center, where she treated laboring mothers and individuals recovering from stroke. She studies Ortho-bionomy, a gentle postural realignment technique, with the Society of Ortho-bionomy. In addition to her clinical training in perinatal and neurological health, Mona has also received clinical training in pediatric care, weight management and HIV/AIDS. Mona entered healthcare after a long career as a community organizer and popular educator. She believes that quality, affordable healthcare can empower communities.

Adrianne Oswalt  Licensed Acupuncturist

Adrianne Oswalt

Licensed Acupuncturist

Adrianne has over 4000 hours of didactic and clinical training in acupuncture, clinical herbalism, yoga, Reiki, and bodywork. She holds a Master’s of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco and has completed a clinical acupuncture certificate through Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in Hangzhou, China. She is a New York and California licensed acupuncturist and herbalist.
Adrianne welcomes all bodies and genders, offering an interdisciplinary, holistic approach that meets each person where they are at on their path of health and wellness. She believes that health is unique to each individual and is committed to supporting and empowering that process. Her specialty is treating general hormonal balance, menstrual and menopausal health, chronic and acute pain patterns, musculoskeletal and nerve disorders, emotional health including stress/anxiety/depression, sleep disorders, digestive disorders, immunity issues, headaches, and addiction recovery. She has a gentle approach and is experienced at working with people with trauma.